Saint Paul east of the Mississippi River was originally surveyed into 6 mile by 6 mile squares called townships. This survey was done by James M. Marsh in October of 1847. The townships were then surveyed into 1 mile by 1 mile squares called sections by Issac Higbee, Deputy Surveyor, during the months of October & November of 1847. Saint Paul west of the Mississippi River was surveyed into sections by Jesse T. Jarrett in September of 1853. The area now covered by Saint Paul was surveyed off the 4th Principal Meridian which runs through Wisconsin. Saint Paul covers parts of Townships 28 & 29 North and Ranges 22 & 23 West of the 4th Principal Meridian.

The CITY OF SAINT PAUL was originally established as the "The Town of St. Paul" by an act of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Minnesota in November of 1849. Saint Paul remained a town until March of 1854 when it became the "City of Saint Paul, Minnesota Territory". In May of 1858 when Minnesota became a state the city became known as "The City of Saint Paul, State of Minnesota".

When "The Town of St. Paul" came into existence in 1849, it occupied approximately 280 acres. The original town site consisted of two subdivisions (plats) "Town of Saint Paul" (sometimes refered to as the "Saint Paul Proper") and "Irvine & Rice's addition" filed as Rice and Irvine's addition to Saint Paul. The plat of "The Town of St. Paul" was filed on 28th day of Feburary 1849 in County of St. Croix, Wisconsin Territory and was surveyed by Ira B. Brunson. The plat of "Rice's and Irvine's addition to Saint Paul" was filed on 16th day of May 1849 in the County of St. Croix, Minnesota Territory and was surveyed by Benjaman W. Brunson. As result of an Act of Minnesota legislature on Feburary 14th, 1866 the town plat was brought to St Paul and filed with the Ramsey County Recorder's Office on March 17th, 1866. The original town site boundaries were Elm Street on the west, Smith Ave & East Seventh Street on the north, Wacouta Street on the east, and the left bank of the Mississippi River on the south. Between years 1849 and 1887 Saint Paul has gone through 14 boundary changes.

Anyone having information on deputy surveyors James M. Marsh, Issac N. Higbee, Jesse T. Jarrett, or Caleb W. Iddings please email Sam Gibson

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